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About ShoP&Paul



Inspired by making others ‘LOOK GOOD & FEEL GOOD’ about themselves through clothes, PAUL started the brand back in summer of 2017 with the initial idea and concept of providing all the fashion ‘unique finds’ in one store. And then the rest is history.

ShoP&Paul is a local apparel brand with the vibe of "city meets the island" lifestyle and vice versa. You can wear ShoP&Paul pieces whether you're in the big city or at the beach. That's how we do it, it’s our style! The way we dress will inspire you to express. 

Every piece is personal; it has a story to tell. You’ll find yourself in it. 

Our goal is to simply make you go out of the usual and discover that you can be more and can do more. It’s not all about making clothes, it’s also about building confidence and owning yourself. Simply comfortable and confident with what you wear. Until one day, everyone is looking good and feeling good in ShoP&Paul.

Show us that you can #ShoPandPaulItOff